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It is with deep regret that we have taken the decision to close S P Care Clinic practices as of 4pm on Monday 23rd March, 2020 until further notice due to Covid-19 and the guidance we have received this morning. Covid-19 has changed our lives in a very short space of time and we have been reviewing the situation daily as more information comes to light. Despite taking every precaution and preventative measures in our practices, it became apparent in the last few days that this is not enough to safeguard public health. Our only option left was therefore to close. We will continue to provide further updates as they become available.

Please look after one another, stay home, stay safe and follow the guidelines to help minimise the spread of this virus. We very much look forward to seeing you back in our practices when normality resumes. 

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                                         We run our courses from our consulting room locations at London,

S P Care Phlebotomy Training (Group) is led by Mr Davies Consultant Founder & CEO and a team of health care practitioners. At S P Care Phlebotomy training Group we are dedicated to students success, you can be sure that you are being trained by the best and brightest minds in the Phlebotomy industry ! we pride ourselves in professional training that really makes a difference for students – helping them to be their best and achieve their maximum potential. 

Our trainers have had years of experience in the field of phlebotomy and other fields of medicine. Their knowledge, skill and
technique of phlebotomy will help students learn quickly and efficiently. 

Phlebotomists Are in Great Demand, A Healthcare Position Without a Long Degree Program,
Rewarding WorkGrowing Job Opportunities for Phlebotomists, Flexible Work Opportunities.

Is phlebotomy a great career to get into?  Yes, it absolutely is a great career to get into it is an excellent way to get into the medical field.

Part 1- One day theory training includes understanding of the basics of Phlebotomy, legal aspects of Phlebotomy, Infection control, Health and Safety you will also practice on a mannequin and locating veins. On completion this leads to receiving a Certificate of Attendance. It also includes registration and course material.

Part 2- practical training in NHS clinic or our own clinic includes taking live blood test. This is the practical part of the training under the supervision of our experienced trainer assessors. Upon completion and if competent you will receive a Certificate of Competence.

High Demand – There is great demand for phlebotomist for several reasons. The expansion of health care needs overall is just one factor driving this demand. As doctors and nurses find themselves overwhelmed with matters above and beyond tasks such as blood collection, more and more opportunities open for people willing to specialize in this function. Also, researchers learn how to discover more diseases and toxins in people’s blood every day. The usefulness of blood screenings continues to increase. There is little doubt that trained and certified phlebotomist can acquire jobs in most regions. There has never been a better time than now to train as a phlebotomist, Paediatric phlebotomist or a HCA, 
employment of phlebotomist is projected to grow 25 percent from 2014 to 2024

We have courses for Medical and Non-Medical background students, we train NHS staff, Doctors, Biomedical scientist, Dentist and Dental staff, Nutritionist, Aesthetic staff and people from Non-Medical backgrounds, for further information please visit our about us page.

After completing the course your CV along with a reference will be sent to the agency, you will also be given
all the course material either on CD or in a PDF format. 

Please note courses fill up very quickly 

S P Care Clinic Ltd is a verified pro service provider Certificate of Excellence 2019   Awarded by Registered
​​​​UK Health Centre