Phlebotomy Recession proof job

The good news is that healthcare is considered one of the most recession-proof industries in the developed world and includes a wide variety of jobs, which means there are opportunities for people with many different abilities and levels of education. Whatever else is happening in the world and in lives of individuals,  people will still get sick or have accidents of varying severity, often as a result of a long term illness. And of course people have babies whatever the economy and children get sick and have accidents too.

As more people are living longer, the problems associated with old age are increasing and jobs related to both corrective and preventative measures are on the increase . Healthcare provides jobs in hospitals, jobs in hospices and jobs in community healthcare, offering a wide range of options and professions. There has never been a better time than now to train as a Phlebotomist, Paediatric Phlebotomist or a HCA. Here at S P Care Phlebotomy training we train thousands of students who want to enter into the healthcare field. The good thing about this recession proof profession is you don’t need qualifications just the right training and certificates to be able to enter into the profession.

We have trained thousands of students who have gone on to work in Hospitals, GP Practices, in the community or bank work.