Phlebotomy Training in Co Dublin Ireland

S P Care Phlebotomy have opened new consulting rooms at Woodlands Health Centre
Newcastle House Newcastle Co Dublin as part of their expansion plans. A spokesman for the company explained that due to the number of enquiries from Ireland the company has decided to start a training school in Ireland as part of it’s expansion program. I believe we are the only company in Ireland to offer a NHS certificate of competence that is why this program is so exciting for students. S P Care Phlebotomy Training is led by Mr Davies Consultant, and a team of Health care professionals. Our Phlebotomy Trainers/Assessors are skilled practitioners and also work within the NHS on a daily basis with years of experience. 

For the Ireland course this will be two full days over a Saturday and Sunday from 9 am till 6 pm

Part 1– One day Theory Training includes understanding of the basics of aspects of Phlebotomy, Infection control, Health and Safety You will also practice on a mannequin. On completion this leads to receiving  a Certificate of Attendance. It also includes registration, all the course materials, refreshments/lunch.

Part 2– Practical training in clinic includes Live blood test sessions. This is the practical part of the training and receive a Certificate of Competence at the completion of this part of the training if competent.

We are also looking at introducing our other courses at a later stage, this will include Heath care assistant courses, CPR courses, Paediatric Phlebotomy course.